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Thunderbolt Ski Run 2017

In just two weeks, we went from excellent ski conditions to basically no snow. But the festival is still on for Saturday afternoon, March 4! Join the fun.

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Information for Spectators

Spectators are welcome and deeply appreciated to watch this truly unique backcountry race. On the morning of March 4,2017, a hundred or more intrepid backcountry skiers and snowboarders will climb to summit of Mount Greylock, the state’s highest peak, then take a wild ride down the historic and difficult Thunderbolt Trail. The trail was originally cut in 1934 and the annual race in the 30s and 40s attracted world-class skiers and Olympians. Thanks to the great efforts of the Thunderbolt Ski Runners the trail was restored and the annual race reborn on 2010. It’s unlike anything you will see on TV or at a ski area. If you are up for a snowy hike to the finish line near Greylock Glen, you really don’t want to miss it. Spectators are encouraged to use skis or snowshoes. Its about a 30 minute trek to the Finish Line. It is highly recommended that you take one of the free shuttles from downtown Adams – parking at the mountain will be very limited.

Information for Skiers and Boarders

Skiers and snowboarders wishing to test their mettle against Mount Greylock and some of the best backcountry skiers and boarders around should visit the Thunderbolt Ski Runners' website.

Here is some basic information:
The Thunderbolt Ski Race is a club only event, you must be a 2017 member of the Thunderbolt Ski Runners to register.


NEW THIS YEAR! The Greylock Cup Team Category. Details available at the Thunderbolt Ski Runner's website.

Race Registration Link:

Thunderbolt Race Description

The ascent will take expert backcountry skiers in top physical condition a minimum of one hour. Intermediate skiers in good physical condition might take two to two and a half hours. Novices and those who lack fitness may want to consider a different race. This is not a beginner’s race.

Once on the summit and in the Thunderbolt Ski Shelter, racers will be given a ten minute warning of their start time. It is imperative that racers meet their start time. Racers who fail to reach the summit, or who fail to meet their start time will be disqualified. On the summit, racers will be able to warm up and rest in the Thunderbolt Ski Shelter. There is no water on the summit; racers are encouraged to carry water.

The Thunderbolt Ski Run WILL NOT be groomed. It will be left in its natural condition on race day. For the uninitiated, the Thunderbolt Ski Run is considered advanced terrain with expert conditions. Racers need to be prepared for the worst possible snow and weather conditions. This is a backcountry ski race. There will be NO physical barriers: netting, pads, or hay bales. The trail will have some bamboo poles as delineations to warn racers of upcoming terrains features and hazards. Ski patrol and race officials will be strategically positioned on the entire race course so that every section of the trail will be monitored as the racers descend.

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More information and the current buzz about the Thunderbolt Ski Race is available at:
Thunderbolt Ski Runners website
Thunderbolt Ski Runners facebook
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Volunteers Needed!

Want to help out? There are many tasks that need to be done - and most of them are actually fun. We'd love to hear from you, so please click here to go to a volunteer sign up form.

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