ProAdams is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012 by a group of Adams residents. Our mission is threefold:

  • Promote and honor the quality and character of Adams
  • Drive growth
  • Create vibrancy

We are working to improve the position of Adams within the Berkshire economy. This includes attracting visitors already in the Berkshires who may not have considered a visit to Adams. We believe that Adams can be recognized as a hub for outdoors recreation. As part of this positioning, ProAdams created two signature events, ThunderFest and RambleFest. The events were designed to complement and extend two existing and wonderful recreational events already in place in Adams, the historic Thunderbolt Ski Run and the popular Greylock Ramble. In addition to organizing the festivals, we market all of these events through paid advertising, public relations and social media across a broad region.

We have some other initiatives underway on the economic development front. These include increased involvement with local organizations such as 1Berkshire, which includes a presence for Adams on the Visit the Berkshires website. In addition, we work to promote existing businesses of all types in Adams. This site is designed, in part, to support that effort.

We have done this work through the generous support of our sponsors.

Please consider becoming a part of this project through volunteering or contributing. Thanks.

ProAdams Board of Directors

Amanda Alibozek

Andrea Berti-Stump

Dave Bissaillon

Tim Burdick

Jonathan Butler

Glendon Diehl

Jackie Kelly

Kate Korzendorfer

Amy Krzanik

Paul Lemieux

Erin Mucci

Dave Nicholas

Howard Rosenberg

Leah Thompson

Rachel Tomkowicz

Thomas Whalen

Kellie Witherell

ProAdams, Inc.
PO Box 62
Adams, MA